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Professional Lighting Services in Dallas, Texas


Lighting Design and Installation in Dallas, Texas

Permanent Lighting

DFW Holiday Kings is the #1 permanent lighting installer in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Our Bluetooth enabled color-changing LED lighting solutions are perfect for residential, commercial, or municipal application. Decorate for any occasion, and add safety to your property.

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Holiday Lighting & Decorating

DFW Holiday Kings is the most trusted holiday lighting company in the Dallas area and beyond. We offer lighting for Christmas, Halloween, Diwalii, July 4th, and many other holidays. We specialize in decorating upscale homes, municipalities, and commercial properties for the holidays.

Professional Landscape Lighting

We provide unparalelled landscape lighting design and installation for upsacale homes, businesses, municipal buildings, town squares, public parks, and other properties. Our lighting services are available year-round. Discover the beauty of professional landscape lighting.


Special Events & Weddings

We offer professional decorative lighting for weddings and special events in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Lighting is available for indoor or outdoor venues of any scale and type.

Let DFW Holiday Kings make your special day truly memorable with professional lighting!

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